Cashmere is the finest natural fiber used in textiles. All of our products would include at least 10% cashmere in the base fabric.

We’ve carefully selected other natural fibers such as silk, modal, linen, and cotton, to compliment cashmere and to create different textures.


Our designs are produced using several different techniques, including

Hand Painting – Skilled painters would brush our designs by hand

Spray Painting – Using air pressured pumps to spray the dye

Screen Print – Using computer created screens, manually print each layer of colours

Digital Print – Computer controlled inkjet printer which can print any digital image

Yarn-Dye – Woven patterns and jacquard designs, using pre-dyed yarns


We believe that form is equally as important as function. Neither a fine piece of scarf or a soft and warm sweater is complete if it doesn’t appeal to the eye.

Fashion trends come and go, and our product lines will be refreshed by season, every year, to keep our followers looking fresh and up to date.


Our quality standards include the commonly accepted global standards for chemical safety, environmental responsibility, and human and social responsibility.